Tuesday, 20 December 2011

My First Blog

This will be my first blog entry, my first of many hopefully. I thought I would start with a brief description of who I am and what I am interested in. As you might have guessed, I am interested in anything which has to do with Integration and any other garnish which might go well with such topics.

I was introduced to integration and open source in my third year of University when I got employed by Ross Mason the creator of Mule. After that summer, I was hooked, and will always have a soft spot for Mule.

After 5 years of working with Mule and everything related to it, I changed company and the focus shifted to Servicemix. I must be honest, I was slightly hostile to "ServiceMix", however luckily it had past the JBI phase so the combination of OSGI powered by Karaf and routing powered with Camel is quite appealing. So probably my interests will focus a bit more on OSGI.

I am also interested in other topics and technologies. I think I am right now a big fan of Spring Roo, especially with version 1.2 coming up with the Services and multi-module support. I also like to thinker with Android and GWT. Something that I am looking forward to right now is to have some time to play with Vaadin since the creators are just a 2hour train ride from Helsinki in the city of Turku.

Well, I hope you will find interesting topics in this blog and find this blog interesting!

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