Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Rethrowing Caught Exceptions in Camel

Compared to the RouteController, this post will be much simpler. I had a number of situations where I wanted to perform some processing when an exception is thrown, however I did not want to simply catch the exception and "gobble it up". I wanted to catch the exception, do some processing and then re-throwing the exception so that the the exceptional flow continues. One example of such use was that when a specific exception is thrown, I wanted to stop the current route, give a job to quartz to restart this route withing 15minutes and then re-throw the exception so that the exceptional logging and flow continues (for example, rolling back the transaction).

For this we made use of the RethrowException bean which has a very simple implementation. A single void method which takes an Exchange as a parameter. The only slightly interesting thing about this post is how we get our hands on the Exception that Camel caught for us. That is quite straightforward because luckily for us, Camel sets the caught exception as a Property on the exchange with the key CamelExceptionCaught. So the code for the RethrowingException bean is:

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